ashtanga yoga honors an age old 'eight limb' system of yoga study that when applied, restores the practitioner to a most natural state of freedom.  this freedom reflects an integrated state of being between mind, body & spirit.  we "practice" ashtanga yoga to purify the various aspects of our being; remove blockages from the limbs, ease the respiratory system, purify the blood, assist the circulatory system, adjust our attitudes and attune our hearts.  

in the Mysore and led ashtanga classes, we honor a specific teaching / practice method as taught within the lineage of sri krishnamacharya, specifically through sri k pattabhi jois, that gradually, if not rapidly, embodies all of the"Limbs" of ashtanga into a simple, intelligent, ongoing yoga practice.

The Mysore classroom affords an incredible opportunity to connect personally with a teacher, and work within ones own set of circumstances, not the groups.  A self propelled practice evolves naturally in this non-competitive environment.

ashtanga is completely supportive, gentle, and highly transformative to ALL interested persons who come to it routinely with sincere effort.


surya namaskar is the foundation and the culmination of our practice.  we practice to develop  a pure and traditional vinyasa experience, where the connection of movement and breath is paramount. when surya namaskar is mastered, breath is smooth and steady, gaze is fixed, body is stable positively no prior memorization work required or even recommended.  everyone comes into the practice with a difference capacity, a different propensity.   steadily over time, a sequence of standing postures followed by seated postures, concluding with a restorative sequence is learned that begins to open the body, gradually, begins to move the energy, builds endurance, develops capacity for both the individual postures introduced and for the entire vinyasa flow as a whole.  There are no shortcuts unfortunately. and it is indeed a process built on consistent practice time, over a long period. but when tended to? significant changes are felt in the body & mind quite immediately. learning to let go of our many agendas, learning to establish, and honor practice time as a valuable means of self care is a big part of the ashtanga experience. 

the ashtanga practice is most gentle if approached and respected as the undiluted, yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy) it truly is.  it is a beautiful, heart opening, transformative practice, learned correctly from a qualified instructor steeped in this practice themselves, who avails you a safe, and supportive environment to grow.